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Hay ~ Straw ~ Beef 

"Agriculture is...the smell of fresh cut hay"

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About Us

Our Story

Third generation operated farmstead located in Russell, Pennsylvania, Lindell Heritage Farm is a family owned and operated agri-business specializing in producing quality hay products. Research, field maintenance, timely harvest, and proper storage allow us to provide quality hay products that can't be beat. 

Our current customer base is a combination of repeat business and referrals from satisfied clients. We feel both are true indicators that we are providing consistent, quality hay products and in a professional and timely manner.

What We Do

What We Do

What We Do & How You Get Your Hay

Baling Hay - Timing is Everything

Anyone who has ever baled hay on their dad or grandpa’s farm or anyone who bales their own hay knows, patience is a must when it comes to this age old summer time activity we call making hay.


During the summer month's our conversations are primarily centered around the weather and equipment from sun up until sun down. Weather models and Snodgrass weather patterns are watched, scrutinized, analyzed and second guessed on a hourly basis. Performed daily is a ritual of planning, figuring, hoping and praying for just enough good days in a row to make hay.

The phrase “Making hay when the sun shines” should read more like “Making hay is entirely dependent upon the sun shining.”


Lindell Hay Sales strives to supply the very best hay products at an affordable price. Contact us any day of the week for current pricing and availability.




For Everything There Is a Season


We are a small family owned and operated hay supplier.  To stay efficient we have to keep moving so we offer discounted field pick up on the day your hay is baled. Below describes how we plan and schedule our hay sales.

When it’s time for us to make hay, we have a lot of acres to cover (2-3 times over).  We will contact you when your order will be ready for pick-up.  We give you a date, time and field pickup location.  Your hay will be stacked (or lined up) and reserved for you.

Again, the day we bale your hay is the day you pick your hay  up from our fields.  Payment is due upon pickup.

Loading Note: 

    Small Squares - We do not load

    Round Bales    - You will be loaded

STORED  (Buy & Store)

If you are limited on storage space, you can place your hay order in the spring, we will bale it and put your hay order into storage until you are ready to come get it.  You won't be billed until your order is filled and in the barn. We will mail you an invoice and you must pay for your hay order within the terms stated on the invoice.  Once we have received your payment, we will store your hay order for a future, scheduled pick-up.

OUT OF BARN  (Winter Sales)

Surplus hay is not a guarantee.  Our customer orders come first and when all have been filled then we make hay to fill our barn inventory.  Check below to see what inventory status is or give us a call.

During the winter months we schedule hay sales and pickup 7 days a week.

Home: Hay Products & Pricing

Small Squares    4 x 4 Round      4 x 5 Round




Small Animals

Orchard Grass/Timothy Mix

Hay Sales

Surplus hay, if any, will be available for sale out of the barn at the end of our hay season once we have completed filling customer orders. 

We do not over commit our hay making capability and are conservative with the amount of hay we accept orders for vs. the volume we could potentially produce in a hay season given average weather conditions. Yield and end of hay season quantities vary from year to year.


Contact Us for Current Pricing

DRY HAY   (Off Season)     

  Out of Barn Sales / Surplus   


      Small Squares              

       1st     Sold Out

       2nd     Available


       4 X4's                          

       1st     Sold Out

       2nd     Sold Out

Wrapped Baleage              



    4 x 4’s    1st     Available

    4 x 4's    2nd    Available



Straw  (Rye)                      


  Small Sq.  Sold Out



DRY HAY (Summer)          

 Field Pick-up  or  Buy & Store                  Place Your 2024 Order            




We must receive verbal confirmation in order for your 2024 hay order to be filled. 


If you are a buy and store hay customer please confirm your order quantity, you will be billed once your order is filled and in the barn.  Payment in full is due upon receipt of your invoice in order for us to store hay for future pick-up.   



Note to Our Customers 

Not every hay season is the same and does not always produce a surplus of hay for us to store for winter sales.   Hay making is limited by weather conditions which will limited us as to the amount of hay we are able to take off and process during hay season.  

We would like to be your preferred hay supplier but we do recommend that our customers have at least 2 or 3 good, reputable hay suppliers to purchase from to be sure your hay needs are met.  


  We value your business.  

Our #1 priority during

hay season is just that 


Pasture Raised Heritage Beef

Lindell Heritage Farm



Daylight Hours - 7 Days a Week

Available in our Farm Stand freezer


Pasture Raised


Our Beef Herd


Bred, Born & Raised on our farm. We are a closed herd and want our customers to have peace of mind that they truly know where their meat comes from.  We breed our cows on the farm and the calves stay with their moms until they are weaned. Both mom and calf forage from our pastures and fields at Lindell Heritage Farm throughout their entire lifetime.  Our cattle rotate (not free range) through small, maintained pastures during the summer months and in the winter months they are fed quality hay and baleage harvested from our fields.


Simply put, we pride ourselves on naturally raised animals which produce wholesome, tender and delicious beef.   


We also offer whole and half beef for sale allowing you to choose the cuts you would like to have in your freezer.  There is no need for a commercial sized freezer for storage. For a whole steer an 8.8 cu. ft. chest freezer would be perfect. 


Irish Dexter Beef has been described as small, sweet and beefy. Dexter beef is lean and high in quality. Taking really well to a grass-fed diet, Dexter's are medium to slow growing resulting in a sweet, well marbled meat. Often quite dark, Dexter beef comes to the plate tender with a great, real beef flavor.

Their small stature lends to economical butchering essentially resulting in a reasonable amount of packaged beef and petite cut portions when compared to a typical Angus or Hereford.  Current hanging weights are averaging 475 lbs.  (± 50 lbs.)


Whole or Half ~ Limited Quantity. 

Contact us for availability.  

Home: Coming Soon

~For Everything There Is a Season~

Thank you for visiting our website and

we look  forward to doing business with you.


Chris & Billi Jo Lindell


Our Family

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